The latest iPhone XS costs an eye-watering $999 for the most basic model, and the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is not far behind. It’s no wonder we’re all super interested in protecting our phones more than ever.

Screen protectors, along with phone cases, are an essential part of the package. Sure, you can pick them up online for a couple of bucks, but some can do more harm than good. You want something that’ll stand up to scrutiny come accident time.

Read on for our guide to getting the best screen protector for your phone.

Features to Consider

There are three main types — film, hard plastic, and tempered glass screen protectors.

All work well at counteracting small scratches, but you may find a tempered glass one more effective if you drop your phone. Glass is also a more durable option than plastic.

The most likely culprit of small phone scratches is grit and sand, often found in pockets. To counteract these, you’ll need a tempered glass cover with a high rating on the Mohs hardness scale. 

10 is diamonds, 1 is talc — you get the idea. But hardness is not the only mark of a great screen protector.

You don’t want to notice a screen protector is there. It should allow seamless use of the phone’s display, without any interference. Hydrophobic and oleophobic layers — that repel water and oil — are also key features.

Let’s check out a few of the best screen protectors out there and see how they stack up:

Maxboost Premium

This tempered glass screen protector range is our pick for the best glass screen protector out there. It boasts a number of great features, including:

  • World’s thinnest tempered glass
  • 100% accuracy
  • 3D touch compatibility
  • Hydrophobic and oleophobic layers

All in all, this premium product is a great option, especially as they throw in a lifetime warranty to boot. Users report high levels of protection, even when the phone is accidentally dropped.

JETech Range

If you’re looking for hardness, JETech is a great range to go for. Coming in a 9 on the Mohs scale, they are harder than a knife and can withstand the best attempts to scratch them. 

Other great features include:

  • 0.33mm thick tempered glass
  • Bubble free installation
  • High response

Users also agree that the JETech is a fine product. It boasts four- and five-star ratings online.

Ailun Screen Protector

Ailun is one of the best phone screen protector brands out there for good reason. It offers:

  • Laser cut tempered glass
  • Hydrophobic and oleophobic screen
  • 99.9% touch sensitivity
  • 12-month warranty

Users love its effectiveness at protecting screens from drops on even the most unforgiving of surfaces.

The Bottom Line: The Best Screen Protector for Your Phone

Getting the best screen protector for your phone can save you an embarrassing and expensive trip to the repair shop.

Look out for hardness, clarity, oil, and water repelling qualities. This will ensure you’ll be able to keep your phone safe, without compromising your experience.

If you’re in the unfortunate position of needing a phone repair, trust Repairest to put you in touch with a local shop that’ll do a bang up job.

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