Have you ever put your phone to your face to find it’s too hot? Your phone should get warm sometimes, but if it’s noticeable, your phone may be overheating.

What happens with phone overheating? The device has to work harder and use more power to carry out its normal functions.

Are you plagued by this overheating problem? Get our tips on how to chill it out below.

Why is Phone Overheating Common?

Your phone is an electrical device. There are parts inside of it that move, like currents and circuits. Those parts, while small, do physically move.

That movement takes energy and with energy comes to heat. That’s a mini-lessons in physics.

It’s normal for phones to warm up during the day, but they shouldn’t be hot to the touch. If they are, that means the inner components are working harder than they need to be.

Here’s how to cool it down.

1. Avoid Extremes

You wouldn’t leave something like ice cream in the hot car, right? Because it’s sensitive to temperature. Well, so is your phone.

If it had its choice, your phone would live in the air conditioning all the time. Its optimal operating temperature is in the middle range, not the extremes.

If you’re going somewhere cold or hot, keep your phone as temperate as you can.

2. Turn off Apps

There is always some sort of apps running in the background of your phone. Those apps are using battery power, data, and heating up your phone.

Find an application or go into your tabs and close the background programs. That should reduce the workload on your phone’s processors, cooling it down.

Decreasing the amount of work your phone is doing decreases the amount of heat it produces.

3. Turn Down the Brightness

Do you ever walk out into the sunlight to find you can’t see your phone screen? What’s the first thing you do? You turn your brightness up.

That’s the worst thing you can do. If you’re already outside, where the phone is in the sun, the bright screen will cook it along with the temperature.

Instead, buy a glare screen protector and keep the brightness to a medium level.

4. Turn it Off

If you know your phone is going to be in some extreme, like in your pocket while you’re skiing or at the beach – turn it off.

When it’s not working on its normal internal processes along with the weather, it won’t get as hot.

Airplane mode works too, in a pinch.

5. Take the Case Off

When you’re hot, what do you do? Take your jacket off. The same goes for your phone.

If you notice your phone overheating, take off the case and let it cool down.

Diagnosing Phone Overheating

If none of these tips about phone overheating worked and your phone is still hot, you may have a deeper problem.

Your phone battery may be dying or your charging cable is low quality. Replace both and see if that addresses the problem.

If it doesn’t, you may need our repair services. Find someone close to you here.

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