Whether you duck face or filter, selfies are everyone’s favorite feature of smartphones. Everyone wants the optimal camera spec for their selfie action, but few know what that is. Most of the time, we buy a phone and hope for the best.

Before you buy your next phone, let’s take a look at some of the best selfie camera phones.

The Best Selfie Camera Phones for Everyone

Most people tend to stick with flagship brands such as Apple and Samsung. This list will include a few alternative ideas so you can branch out. After you read this, go test them out for yourself.

1. OnePlus 6

China-based OnePlus has made leaps and bounds in phone technology. It’s most recent backing from major companies in the U.S. means even greater things for the company. And now, consumers in the U.S. will be able to access their most sought-after camera phone features.

The OnePlus 6 is full of wonderful specs that any selfie lover will swoon over. It has 16 megapixels for high resolution, and its f/2.0 aperture means there’s more blur in the background, resulting in great selfies.

2. Galaxy Note 9

Samsung’s Galaxy smartphones have been strong sellers for a while, and it’s no surprise.

The newest Galaxy Note 9 is a promising candidate for the best front-facing camera. Its aperture is set at a solid f/1.7 that’s great for portraits. With the Note 9, you’ll also have a good selfie resolution of 8 megapixels.

3. Huawei P20 Pro

The Huawei P20 Pro is yet another great performer from China. The number of Huawei phones shipped around the world has grown quite a bit in the last year. It shows how popular they’ve become! It’s possible they’re the best selfie camera.

This phone from Huawei has plenty of amazing phone specs. The camera quality is almost unbeatable. With an aperture feature of f/2.0, you can be sure to take terrific portraits and selfies. This camera also offers a camera with not two, but three lenses for perfect photos with 24 megapixels.

For those who aren’t only in it for the selfies, this is also a great phone for gaming.

4. Pixel 2

The Google Pixel 2 has become a front-runner in the selfie game. The major plus for this phone is the fact that it offers portrait mode for its front-facing cameras. Portrait mode takes selfies to a whole new level.

With 8 megapixels, it has a fair resolution for your photos. The best part of this camera is in its aperture. The front-facing camera’s level is at f/2.4, making it the top phone for front-facing aperture.

More Smartphones

Finding the best selfie camera phones can be a challenge. It’s always a balance between most effective and most expensive. Once you do find the right one, you have to be careful not to damage it after all the money you spent.

If your worst fears come true, don’t stress. You can find and compare repair services that won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

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