At the end of 2016, Google announced that up to 1.3 million Android phones had been hacked in the Googlian scheme. Hacking smartphones had become lucrative.

Now, smartphone hacking is more common than ever, but there is some good news for Android users. Keeping a product running Android safe is easier than ever. The Google-backed OS even offers better security than Apple’s iPhones.

There are plenty of tips and tricks to help you protect your phone. We’ve rounded up three of the best to get you started.

1. Update to Keep Your Android Safe

One of the best things you can do when you want to secure a phone is make sure it’s up to date. Always pick a provider that supports frequent updates.

No piece of software is perfect, and hardware can be vulnerable too. Just look at the Meltdown vulnerability revealed in 2018. This security flaw is in most Intel chips, affecting billions of devices.

Once vulnerabilities are discovered, though, most software companies issue patches. Newer versions of operating systems also improve on the old versions. Keeping your phone up to date can help protect you.

2. Shop in the Google Play Store Alone

Another tip for Android smartphone security is to stick to the Play store when you want to download apps. Google works hard to make sure these apps are safe. This means they’re less likely to compromise your phone.

There are other, third-party app stores out there. Downloading apps from these stores comes with an increased risk. The simplest way to protect a phone is to make sure you trust the app and app provider.

Websites may also advertise their own apps. Some third-party apps hide malware in them. It’s more likely you’ll get malware from an app outside the Play store, although any download carries a risk.

3. Customize Your Settings

If you want the most secure Android phone, you’re going to want to customize your settings a little bit. By default, the settings on an Android phone don’t protect you as much as they could.

One setting you may want to change is the Unknown Sources setting. By switching this feature off, you can block unknown sources from opening apps. This would have helped many users during the Googlian hack.

Another feature you can turn on is encryption. Encryption means all the data you store on your phone is put into a code. When someone tries to hack your phone, they need a “key” to be able to decode it.

Keep Your Phone in Great Condition

These are just three of the easiest and best ways to keep your Android safe. There are many other tips out there, such as using a PIN and two-factor authentication.

Keeping your phone safe is one of the best ways to keep it in good working condition. For more tips and tricks about caring for your Android phone, check out our blog. Keep this most important piece of technology working well for you.

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