People tend to get quite fervent when discussing the ins-and-outs of the iPhone and Android debate. But if you’re looking for a great phone, you just care about what’s best for you.

That’s where we come in. Keep reading for a no-nonsense look at the iPhone vs. Android debate as we attempt to help you pick the right phone for your needs.


At the end of the day, a phone is pretty much worthless if it isn’t user-friendly and is a general pain to use. But we’re glad to report that both manufacturers have done a pretty good job of making their software simple to use.

The right phone for you is ultimately going to come down to what you want out of your mobile experience.

Are you looking for a sleeker, simpler design? Or would you prefer something with a bit of a learning curve yet more options?

In terms of sheer usability, we’re going to have to go with the iPhone. It’s faster, snappier, and just about anyone can pick it up and use it without any problems. Even if you were to compare iPhones of yesteryear with modern Android devices you’d find that they’ve always been easier to use.


In this case, Android takes the cake without even a slight bit of competition.

As mentioned, Apple’s entire shtick is that the iPhone is supposed to be a phone that anyone can use. And don’t get us wrong, there’s a ton of value in that.

But those used to settings menus and tinkering with an OS know that there are so many hidden features tucked away into Android devices, from battery saving solutions to third-party app stores.

If you want more from your mobile experience, Android is undoubtedly the right choice for you.


Once again, Android wins the battle.

That isn’t to say you can’t do a whole lot with the latest iPhone. They have some pretty cool stuff tucked away like Siri, which is still the best voice assistant out there.

But Android lets users do so much more. You can even break your phone’s OS (known as rooting) to get better features and access to new app stores.


So far we’ve talked a lot about technical details like usability, but which family of devices has the better design?

Frankly, it’s too difficult to come up with a clear victor here.

The iPhone has always been sleek and gorgeous, while Android phones, particularly Samsung devices, are more sophisticated yet a bit more unwieldy.

Your personal preference is ultimately the only way determine the better design.

iPhone vs. Android: Which is Right For You?

So, at the end of the day, which is the better phone?

It’s still quite hard to say. But we’re going to have to give the edge to Android, if only by a hair.

Their OS may be more difficult to use, but once you get the hang of it you’ll have access to a snappier design, better app store options, and near limitless customization.

Wherever you fall on the iPhone vs. Android debate, you’ll want to make sure your phone is safe. Check out our guide to the best screen protectors to keep your great new gadget up and running for years to come.

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