Nothing ruins your day quite like a broken iPhone. It’s in these moments when we realize just how attached we are to our mobile devices.

Without a backup, we lose everything: our photos, data, and contacts. Thankfully, there are ways for you to retrieve data, even off of a phone that won’t turn on.

If you find yourself in this disheartening bind, here’s how you can go about retrieving what’s left on your iPhone’s hard drive space.

How to Recover Data Safely from a Broken iPhone

There are various ways to get data off of a broken phone. Whether your iPhone has water damage, a broken screen, or no longer turns on, there still may be a chance to recover your lost data.

Here’s what you need to do:

If Your Phone Has a Backup, Create One Now

Never backed up your iPhone? Don’t panic yet. If your iPhone is still able to power on, you may be able to use iTunes to create a backup file from your old device so you can download it on to a new one.

To do this, simply:

  • Plug in your iPhone to a USB port connected to your computer
  • Open up iTunes on your computer
  • When your device pops up on the left-hand menu, click on it
  • Under your device, select the “Summary” option
  • On the “Summary” page, click “Back Up Now”

You can either back up your files to the iCloud (recommended) or your computer. Also, you can encrypt your data to protect sensitive information such as passwords or data on your Health or HomeKit apps.

How to Restore Your iPhone from a Backup File

Once your data is backed up, you can connect your new device at any time to iTunes and select “Restore Backup” on the “Summary” page next to the “Back Up Now” option.

This will pull your data from the source your backup is located on.

What if My Phone Doesn’t Turn On?

If you press the power but your phone is frozen or stuck on a black screen, try implementing a hard reset.

Because iPhone doesn’t have a removable back for its battery, the hard reset option essentially does the job for you. It won’t delete your data. It just turns the device off and turns it back on again.

This process may vary depending on what iPhone model you have. For the right button sequence based on which version you have, follow Apple’s support guide.

If you conduct a hard reset but your phone still doesn’t restart, your next step will be to seek out help from a professional repair service to see if they can extract the data manually.

Need Help with a Repair?

Are you hoping to repair your broken iPhone? In some cases, there is still hope in bringing a damaged device back to life. Find an expert in your area and get a quote on what it will cost to make your device as good as new.

You may find it’s cheaper than buying a new one!

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