Plugging in your iPhone to charge only to realize nothing’s happening is disheartening.

Panic can take over your mind. What’s wrong with it? Why is my iPhone not charging? Is it broken forever?

Try not to worry, there are a lot of things it could be. This doesn’t have to result in storming down to the Apple store for a replacement.

iPhone won’t charge? Or is your iPhone is charging on and off? Here are 3 reasons why this might be happening and how to solve it.

iPhone Won’t Charge? What Could It Be?

There could be many reasons why your iPhone won’t charge. We can’t be sure of what exactly it could be, but here are 3 of the most common fixes for this annoying problem.

1. Clean the Ports

One of the simplest solutions is to clean out the charger port on your iPhone.

If there is any lint or debris clogging up the port, it won’t allow any power from the charger cable into your phone.

To clean it, use a Q-tip or a small needle to pick it out. You could invest in an iPhone cleaning kit for a safe, comprehensive clean. It’s important to be careful here. You could risk poking away at some important components and make the problem worse.

Also make sure to check the wall plug and cable too. If there’s any dirt or damage done to them, they won’t work. If you need to replace these, don’t go for the cheap alternatives you find online. They can lead to fires.

Instead, pay a little more for an Apple certified charger so you have peace of mind, plus they work for longer.

2. Restart Your Phone

The tried and tested method of turning it off and back on again works for most tech, so give it a try.

Sometimes, there’s a program or piece of software not working and slows the phone down. When this happens it can prevent normal charging functions.

If this doesn’t work, check for an iOS update. Older operating systems get laggy and can cause all kinds of issues so updates should fix this.

Top tip: pro tip: for a fast charge turn off your phone or put it in airplane mode to charge.

3. Your Phone May Have Sustained Damage

This is the worst case scenario, but it’s a common one.

Have you had an older non-waterproof model out in a rainstorm or by water? Its likely water has made its way in and damaged it.

While a cracked iPhone screen may not be enough to let water in, water can seep into the ports and do damage.

If this is the case, you could try to replace the iPhone battery yourself. If the battery isn’t at fault, you may have to take it to the Apple store and see if they can help. Otherwise you may need to bite the bullet and buy a new iPhone.

iPhone Won’t Charge: Solved

These are three of the most common causes and solutions for an iPhone that won’t charge.

Fortunately, it can be an easy problem to fix and doesn’t have to cost a lot.

Have you got an iPhone issue you need fixed? Check out our repairs list for help.

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