US consumers spend 5 hours a day on their mobile devices. Whether you use your device for work or play, you better make your time count. Here’s a list of the best Android accessories you should have to help you accomplish your goals.

Best Android Accessories

Here’s our list of Android accessories we think you’ll appreciate. These accessories can accommodate most phone types. Here’s a few of them:

Battery Charging Pack

Battery charging packs allow you to recharge a dead device without a power outlet. These cool cell phone accessories come in many different battery sizes, ranging between 2000 and 12,000 milliamp-hours (mAh.) Juice up these mobile packs at home and they’ll provide your device a quick power boost when you’re on the go.

Camera Lens

The Android camera lens offers better telephoto quality for those pictures you take with your regular phone cameras. This snap-on accessory offers wide-angle or 360-degree images. They also enhance your up-close shots.


Smartphone cases are made from shock-absorbent material (like rubber or silicone) that shields your phone’s exposed corners from cracks. They also protect your phone from dirt that can scratch the outer surfaces. Today’s market provides many options for what phone case you should buy with hundreds of designs to choose from.

Dashboard Mount

There are currently 16 states who’ve banned drivers from using hand-held phones while driving. Dashboard mounts can extend eight inches and rotate so that you can read maps or access your address book. Dashboard mounts can also recharge your phone while you drive.

Fast Charger

Android batteries charge faster when their batteries receive higher voltages or greater currents. This technology is called “quick” or “fast” charge. Quick charge controllers have chips that regulate these currents and prevent unsafe spikes in current flow.


Popsockets are plastic circles that attach to the back of flat phones or cases with a reusable, sticky adhesive. Simply pull them out into a small accordion shape. Then you can prop your smartphone up for a better view while playing games or watching videos.

Portable Speakers

Bluetooth technology will soon become one of your must-have smartphone accessories. Portable speakers use this technology that sends short-wavelength radio waves between 2.400 to 2.485 GHz to your phone instead of cables. Portable speakers have increased in sales over the years as the need for portable music players (and their amplification) have declined.

Screen Protector

Screen protectors can be found in either thin layers or plastic or foil. Others are made of tempered glass that strengthens your screen. Screen protectors are simple yet effective android phone accessories that often times you can fix by yourself.


Smart watches can run apps from your wrist. Smart watches have touchscreens where you can access functions like a compass or thermometer. You can control your Android device through a smartwatch, and receive important calls as well as other notifications.

Wireless Charging Unit

Wireless charging uses an induction coil to generate a current through a flat, electromagnetic surface to charge your battery. This method isn’t as fast as using your regular charger but definitely easier. Simply lay your device on top of the flat surface while it charges.

Wireless Headphones

Just like portable speakers, wireless headphones use Bluetooth technology to send out radio waves to connect your phone rather than using cables. Wireless headphones have special hardware that processes audio data and delivers higher quality sound than their dangling chord counterparts.

Final Thoughts

Need more advice on the best Android accessories? Don’t forget to check out our blog. We have the latest news and reviews to keep you on the cutting edge of smartphone tech.

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